2024 GDCWW Specialties

The Great Dane Club of Western Washington is excited to announce that for 2024, our 2 Concurrent Specialties are moving to Lynden, Washington in May. The dates are May 17 & 18th in conjunction with the Mt Baker Kennel Club. The venue is the pretty Northwest Washington Fairgrounds and including the Bell Vernon Kennel Assoc. shows there will be 6 shows in 4 days. The GDCWW will have a 4-6 month Beginner Puppy competition, 2 Sweepstakes competitions and 2 Conformation shows. Our Conformation show judges are Jack & Kay Watts. We can't wait to see you there!

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Specialty Fund

The Great Dane Club of Western Washington (GDCWW) needs your help!  As you probably know, the entry fees don’t cover the expenses to fully fund our shows.  The cost of our breeder judges, their transportation costs, hotels, meals, insurance, Superintendent fees, trophies and ribbons really add up.

Please consider a donation to our Club to help offset our costs.  We very much appreciate any dollar amount that you can help us with to make this a wonderful show experience for you and your dogs.  We will gratefully include your name and/or kennel name as one of our financial contributors in our show catalog.

GDCWW Upcoming Events

Our Mission

  • To protect, safeguard and preserve the Great Dane

  • To educate all interested parties about the Great Dane breed.
    To provide a packet with all necessary information on the care and keeping of Great Danes.
    To provide programs to educate all interested parties on all aspects of the Great Dane Breed

  • To abide by the Great Dane Club of America's Breeders Code of Ethics and to follow the American Kennel Club's breed standard and rules.

  • To sponsor a Great Dane Specialty annually.

  • To keep all stock under sanitary conditions and give maximum health protection through worming and inoculations and to seek veterinary care when necessary and abide by the laws of the state.

  • To further the club's objectives and to conduct all activities in connection with the Great Dane Breed in an ethical manner and to exhibit proper sportsmanship at all times.

  • Sales of Great Danes:
    * A breeder will be discriminating in the placement of his/her stock.
    * We do not supply Great Danes for prizes, raffles, or any such project. We do not sell any Great Danes to a pet shop or other commercial dealer.
    * We sell our purebred dogs, permit stud service and lease studs and bitches only to individuals who give satisfactory evidence that they will give them proper care and attention.
    * All puppies should be sold with a written guarantee specifying the terms of the sales.
    * We will register all breeding stock and keep accurate records of matings and pedigrees. Under AKC rules (Chapter 3, Section 6) all such forms must be completed and supplied by all parties to the transactions unless they have agreed otherwise in written, signed agreement.
    * We will supply medical records, diet sheets, and care instruction at the time of sale.

  • Breeding - Club Recommendations:
    * To strive to produce a dog that is consistent with the AKC breed standard as set forth in the Complete Book of Dogs.
    * Hips to be X-rayed and clear of hip dysplasia.
    * Both sire and dam checked for worms, vaccinations, and brucellosis.
    * To have no disqualifying faults other than color.
    * Dams should be a least 18 months, preferably two years old, and under no circumstances should be bred prior to her second season. Under normal circumstances a bitch should not be bred more than once in a twelve month period.
    * To be of sound temperament and body.

  • When confronted by a situation not covered by this code of ethics we will conduct ourselves as we would like to be treated under similar circumstances.